Visit Time Service Plans

Unlimited Visits and Scheduling

For each Visiting Device, you need to have a Visit Time Service Plan.

With our Visit Time service plans, healthcare facilities can provide unlimited HD virtual visits for their residents without the hassle and technical issues.

Our service plans automate the virtual visiting scheduling and streamline the process, with limited involvement. And there are no additional fees, and you can cancel at any time.

With our “Cart Maintenance” plan, Visit Time acts as your IT department by providing maintenance and support for your Visit Time Visiting Devices, including software upgrades, warranty issues, remote troubleshooting, and much more.

Visit Time “Standard” Plans Includes:

  • Zoom Room License (a $70 monthly value)
  • Unlimited virtual visits and scheduling
  • Full Screen – 1080P 30fps stunning video
  • Contactless-start and end visits
  • Dashboard for visitors to schedule/manage visits
  • Visitors schedule day and time up to three months
  • Visitors can invite others
  • Visitors can schedule multiple visits
  • Dashboard for the facility to manage visits and visitors
  • Calendar to set days and hours
  • Email notifications: scheduled visits, canceled visits, reminder visits
  • Monthly visitors analytics report
  • Unlimited uploading of digital signage content
  • One-click visitor invites
  • The display shows the next three visits coming up
  • Chat/email technical support
  • Use of visit time logo/trademark for promotion

$149/mo Annually

$165/mo Monthly
No Extra Fees - Cancel at Anytime

Add “Cart Maintenance” to our “Standard” plan for maintenance-free support

  • Device Monitoring
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Remote Software Updates
  • Handle Warranty Issues
  • Emails Notifications of Equipment Failures
  • Phone Support

$65/mo Monthly

$50/mo Annually

Note: The Cart Maintenance plan must include a Standard Plan and only available for Certified Visit Time Mobile Carts.

How to Subscribe

Once you purchase your Visit Time Visiting Device, you will receive an email link to subscribe. When you subscribe to a service plan, you can set up your account while your device(s) are shipped. Your service plan start date begins when your Visiting Device connects online. If you have not received an email, contact