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Visit Time does not collect any PHI information. Visit Time only collects the first and last name of the Resident or patient during the scheduling process, which is only accessible by a unique ID Code. No other PHI is collected.
Yes. The Visit Time Scheduling Software is Fully HIPAA Compliant. Visit Time software is encrypted both at rest and in transit, ensuring the highest level of security. You can determine which users in your account can access the data by permitting users. Visit Time will enter into a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with healthcare facilities.
Yes. Visit Time, for purposes of compliance with HIPAA, applies mandatory account settings to healthcare customers' accounts, which nearly eliminates a customer's ability to transmit PHI to Visit Time. Visit Time does not have access to identifiable PHI. Visit Time protects and encrypts all audio and video. Visit Time does not allow for any screen sharing data and does not allow any recording of the virtual Visit.
The Resident ID Code is a unique code assigned by the facility to identify the Resident/Patient's first and last name. A first-time visitor must first register to gain access to a dashboard to schedule and cancel visits quickly. Visitors must know the Resident ID Code or received an email invite to schedule a virtual visit.
A visitor can contact the facility and request an email invite. It takes only a few clicks to send an email invite through the dashboard. The invite generates a unique key code. The email recipient never sees the Resident ID Code. The email invite allows the visitor to register for the first time or add the Resident to their existing dashboard. Facilities and Residents can also verbally give the Resident ID Code to visitors. However, the facility can opt not to offer the ID Code to the Resident.
After setting up the initial software requirements, the Visit Time system is virtually hands-off for the healthcare facility. Visit Time automates the process of scheduling and having a video conference visit with residents and patients. And most importantly, Visit Time leaves the scheduling to the visitor, not the facility.
When a visit is scheduled, the facility receives an auto email. The email contains information about the visitor, visit date, and time. The facility also receives an email notification on the morning of any scheduled visits. The facility also has a dashboard to monitor and manage visits. Facilities only need to check daily for upcoming visits and to make sure the Resident/Patient is available for the scheduled time.
The Resident only needs to be in front of the Visit Time Cart by the scheduled time. The Resident is perfectly framed and tracked in any position; bed, wheelchair, sitting, or standing.
The facility can have a designated area for the Visit Time Cart for Residents to come to, or the Cart can be wheeled to a room or a bed. The Resident/Patient needs to be in front of the Cart by the scheduled time.
Other than being in front of the Visit Time Cart, a resident does not touch anything. The visit will start and stop automatically. The facility or visitor can cancel the virtual visit at any time.
Each facility has an option to schedule visits every hour or every half hour. Half hour visits are limited to twenty minutes, and every hour visits are limited to forty minutes. This is to allow Residents/Patient time to get Cart and Resident in place when there are back-to-back visits.
When the Visit Time is not in use for visiting, you can run digital signage or videos on the display screen. Show upcoming calendar events, announcements, information, and much more. The signage runs automatically and stops five minutes before a scheduled visit, then it switches back to signage when visit is over.