Visit Time for Healthcare Facilities

Easy, Affordable Virtual Visiting for Healthcare Environments - Done Right!

Visit Time creates a lifelike visiting experience

The only answer when physical-distancing and shelter-in-place orders are in effect.

Virtual visits reduce loneliness and social isolation for older people.

And distant family and friends can now visit residents as often as they like from anywhere in the world.

Easy for Healthcare Facilities to Implement

Visitors contact facility for Resident’s ID or an email invite.
Visitor schedule virtual visits online at
Facility receives email notification of the scheduled visit.
Minutes before visiting time, have the Resident in front of a Visitor Cart.
Visits are contactless for the Resident.

Everything is Managed Easily with the Facility’s Dashboard

Features for Visit Time:

  • Simple to implement in any environment
  • Family, friends, and others can visit regularly and easily
  • Visitors schedule and manage their visits online
  • Visits start and end automatically
  • Contactless for the Resident
  • Perfect for all situation; beds, wheelchairs, sitting or standing
  • Crystal-clear audio


  • Select visiting days and hours through a dashboard
  • Show digital signage: calendar events, announcements, information
  • Select the right Visitor Devices for your organization – portable, desktop, wall-mounted, and mobile carts
  • Visits are HIPAA Compliant

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